How To Predict The Future And Save Money For A Better Tomorrow


This question may be asked by many and is answered by few. But the fact is that there is one answer and it’s a definite NO. Do not ever think that you can predict the future because that answer will always be false. In order to understand how to predict the future you need to know a few facts like the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of relativity. Once you master this theory, you can go a step further and predict the future using scientific principles. The more you study these principles the more you learn how to predict the future.

The big bang theory was made popular by Arthur C. Clarke in his book “Rendezvous With Rama”. It explained that the universe was controlled by invisible waves. These waves worked on the sub-atomic level and created the laws of gravity. These waves were powerful enough to cause the Big Bang. From this theory we are able to predict the future using various methods and this includes cosmic ordering and God dispersing the universal energy.

The second answer to the question how to predict the future is the theory of relativity. Isaac Newton came up with this theory too, which explained how gravity is caused by the expansion of the universe. He further explained that in every place in the universe like the human body every point has an equally distant point of origin. These points act like lenses and once you have observed one point it will move away from the other by less than the speed of light. This concept is similar to the law of karma. According to this theory, you can be born in this world as a result of a previous crime or if your parents committed a crime in your childhood you will be made to suffer by your act. Learn more more information about psychic reading.

The last theory discussed is a special theory called quantum mechanics. This theory states that the future is dependent on the present and not on chance events. They further explain that it is impossible to predict the future through science since we cannot measure the future using the present and past. Quantum physics postulates that the future is not affected by the knowledge of the past or the present. Based on this concept, it can be concluded that the future is known through science but we cannot see it using the present.

In order to learn how to predict the future and to save money for a better tomorrow, it is important to have a proper understanding of the various scientific theories and their statements. We should also be updated about all new discoveries in the field of science. It is impossible to predict the future using only science and mathematics. This can never be possible because nature has its own set of laws which are unchangeable. Therefore it is essential to develop a proper mindset and a proper philosophy in order to predict the future correctly.

The best way to predict the future is to consult an authority and make use of the scientific methodologies. This will help us in discerning certain trends and anomalies in the occurrence of the future. This will help us understand the trend and if there is a likelihood of occurrence of the phenomenon in the near future. The main motto is to understand the nature of the future and predict it in order to prevent the total unpredictability of nature.

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