Why Are Teens Playing Games?


Online video games have become the rage in the 1990s. With its popularity came numerous modifications and added features to the game. These video games can be played across several platforms such as personal computers, gaming consoles, handheld game devices, cell phones and the Internet. Online video games are free to download. They have become so popular that there are now online video games that can be purchased as boxed versions as well as downloaded from websites.

Girls can play video games too and have found them enjoyable and rewarding. Online gaming is particularly popular among teens and preteens as they can find the right kind of titles to play according to their interests. Online video games are also among the top purchases among boys and girls today. Girls can choose from fashion, school and shopping games, while boys can choose from racing, arcade, fighting and adventure titles. While girls can enjoy spending hours doing dress up and makeovers, boys like to play role playing and strategy games.

Teens and preteens love to play video games not only for the entertainment value but because it helps them build their skills and knowledge on different subjects. It gives them an opportunity to become better and more knowledgeable about various subjects. Online video games help teens in sharpening their wits and helping them increase their self-esteem. It is one of the best ways for them to get acquainted with others as they interact with others using this medium of communication. Online video games help teens in developing their mathematical, communication and decision making skills. Teens can use the Internet and various online communities to search for and play cool and exciting games that can keep them busy and happy all day long.

Another advantage that playing video games has on teenagers and children alike is that it helps them focus and pay attention. In middle school, most children need a lot of focus to excel and perform well in their academics. Playing video games allows them to have much more focus and makes them pay attention to what they are doing. Through this, teens are able to raise their academic performance and gain extra credit in school.

Online play networks are especially beneficial to families earning less because it allows them to stay together and enjoy time together. With the high cost of fuel, groceries and daily expenses, working parents can sometimes hardly find enough time to spend with their families. Teens spend a lot of time playing video games with their friends at home and on the internet, therefore, spending time with families earning less can be a great way to spend time together as a family while at the same time improving their personal relationships. Learn more information about situs domino99.

One of the most important benefits of playing games is the release of endorphins, a happy and natural feeling hormone, into the bloodstream. Teens and young kids report that they feel relaxed after playing video games. Teens particularly benefit from the release of oxytocin, which allows them to feel calm, elated and serene. This is why teens are so drawn to online role playing games, especially girls reporting that they feel relaxed after playing computer games.

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