Autism Calming Night Light Projector Lamp

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We welcome trade and wholesale inquiries for Autism and Special Needs Toys. Create a magical and comfortable space atmosphere that calm and comfort your babies and kids. Turn on the led lamp and provide an ideal and friendly sleep or rest environment for your baby and kids.

The flickering of lights or harsh coloured lights can dazzle, cause discomfort and even trigger headaches. Research between lighting and autism has brought to the public’s attention numerous positive associations between color and mood. Certain colors, such as blue, can help towards creativity and calmness, with mood lighting adding to a happy, creative environment. Experia USA supplies a wide selection of autism-friendly lighting so that you can create a custom sensory room suited to the user’s needs. Please don’t hesitate tocontact ustoday; our knowledgeable and informed team is dedicated to providing the best possible sensory environment for you. For further sensory resources, our blog is a great place to start.

Autism-friendly lighting can be projected onto walls, floors, ceilings and mirrors to create stunning effects to improve orientation through visual stimulation. After encountering a trigger, some people with sensory overload cannot function properly until their senses normalize again. In extreme cases, they may experience a kind of physical pain, even from everyday things such as a light touch or being able to hear several ongoing conversations. look at this website

Autism products such as Fiber Optic Lamp with Wireless Speaker, Sensory Vibrating Pillow, Volcano Glitter Lamp with Wireless Speaker are fulfilling for sensory seeking needs. One study showed that the sounds from home appliances and common pets noises from toys actually helped desensitize children with autism who may be struggling with noise. Both regular and extreme stimuli, like bright lights or strong smells, can affect hyper-sensitive children, leaving them feeling overwhelmed. There are a number of strategies that can be used to help children with sensory hypersensitivity. If you do not receive a response from the seller for your return request within two business days, you can submit an A-to-Z Guarantee claim.

Sensory toys work to engage a child’s senses in an enjoyable way. Valuelights competition winner Simon Knuckley from Cornwall said the calming sensory lights he received is already benefitting his son, Kian. As soon as the bubble lamp arrived my son was taken with the warm glow; an emotional moment to see him so happy.

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Having a sensory environment can really immerse people of all ages into a full sensory experience, helping those with various abilities. Anything from a single sensory product, a full sensory room, or a sensory corner can provide this experience. Fiber optic light helps those with neuro differences such as Autism, ADHD, sensory integration dysfunction, learning differences, and Alzheimer’s.

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