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Buwakan ni Alejandra has been existent for a long time and has been witnessed by many colonizers since the Japanese occupation. Its beauty was only recently shared after it was renovated, landscaped and expanded. The garden is 700 square meters with a plethora of different flower species thriving in it. There are approximately 200 varieties that make up the picturesque scenery of the place. The playful colors are not in any way overwhelming to eyes and are even quite mystical to the sight.

For the average person, it would take around one hour from start to finish. Although the locals say there are eight levels of falls, only six levels are currently accessible as they are still working to improve the trail to the higher levels. The entrance fee to Aguinid Falls is 300 pesos which includes compulsory safety equipment , two guides, and also the tip for the guides. Aguinid Falls is located in the small village of Samboan in South Cebu.

At the bottom of this post– you’ll find a more comprehensive cebu tour packages guide with many more resources beyond just things to do on the island. Here, you’ll also find an awesome Cebu itinerary for your one or two-week trip, as well as tips and FAQs about travel on the island. Welcome to my ultimate Cebu Island travel guide featuring 15 epic things to do and an awesome adventure itinerary for your next visit.

You can see for miles and miles from the viewpoints all around the park. 1730 Jesuit HouseYou wouldn’t expect such a memorable experience to begin in a hardware store, but it will. Stepping inside the 1730 Jesuit House feels like stepping 100 years back through history.1730 Jesuit House is a local project that aims to preserve one of Cebu’s historic sites.

Nestled in the hills of Simala, Sibonga in Cebu is the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist, or popularly known as the Simala Shrine and Cebu’s Castle Church. As the name title implies, the sprawling religious complex looks like a castle by the hillside. So en route to the peak during your Osmeña Peak hiking experience, you will pass by several vegetable farms and see livestock grazing the terrain. The unique crucifix was seen as a miraculous relic, so natives started chipping away pieces as a souvenir.

Today, the chambers of Museo Sugbo house a wide array of well-preserved artifacts that tells the history of Cebu. Aside from barbecue, you can also taste local dishes such as “”larang,”” a local fish stew that’s perfect for chilly evenings. You can choose from several stalls that offer a wide selection of ready-to-grill fare. Commonly seen here are egrets, herons, terns, kingfishers, fly-eaters, and others.

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