The Rose and Glass Dome Display


This spectacular piece by Dutch artist Jan M. van der Goes is called The Rose and Glass Dome. This magnificent display has been shown at the Museu Arcular de Pueblos in Mexico City. In this painting, van der Goes combines the magnificent beauty of the Mexican flower rose with the magnificent beauty of glass work. He portrays these two elements of art in such a way that one would have to be blind not to recognize their relationship. It is as if the pain of seeing a broken rose and the joy of seeing a new one are blended into one magnificent creation.

The Rose and Glass Dome are one example of van der Goes’s wonderful art. He has also created pieces entitled Verano (Waterfall), Landscape with Figures (Landscape with Figures, Millefiori), Basket of Love (Basket of Love, San Diego), Dreamer (Dreamer, Barcelona), etc. All of these paintings are exceptional and will surely take your breath away. They are all fantastic renditions of the same work.

You can purchase this gorgeous piece from the prominent art gallery in Mexico City called the Prado. In the past, the museum has displayed works from some of the most famous artists in the world including Diego Rivera, Pablo Picasso, Maui Jim, Frida Kahlo, Moet et Chandon, Edith Head, etc. The dome art piece is part of the art collection of the art gallery and hence you are guaranteed to enjoy hours of pleasure looking at them.

If you happen to visit Mexico City, you must make it a point to visit this beautiful attraction. You can also view other beautiful and stunning pieces of art in this city. The Rose and Glass Dome are sure to fascinate you.

This amazing piece of art will add magnificence to any room. The color combination of the rose and the glass is simply magical. It is something you should see for yourself. You will definitely want to buy this piece once you get a chance. It is a rare piece. One that is truly extraordinary.

There are several reasons why this piece of art should be added to your collection. It is a work of art, which is not only appealing to the senses, but it also has utility value. The display of the Rose and Glass Dome is sure to draw your attention wherever it is placed. It is certainly a unique piece of art, which is surely going to amaze you for many years to come. Let us know more about this by clicking on the given link

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