Toy Storage Ideas For Kids Bedrooms


When I was a kid, I had a huge supply of toys stored in my basement. As the kids grew older, the toys were replaced with bigger and better toys. My oldest son built his own giant garage to store all of his toys, but it was still a problem. The garage is still in use to this day, but it needed some help. Here are some toys storage ideas that have worked well for me.

Materials cost about $35, depending upon what kind of plywood you buy. I used a redwood rectangular piece, and attached four corner pieces of lumber to make a “tower”. This Toys storage was mostly built by me, by hand. I used a pocket hole screws to assemble the front piece and the two upper sections of the “tower” together.

Another great  Toys storage idea for the boys was a slide out toy chest. You simply fit it to the wall behind the sofa. Use some dowels to hang toys on the inside. I made mine about 9 feet long and wide by using some 1 inch pocket holes. It held all of my boys toys including baseball cards and board games.

A few years ago, our family built a large Nursery. This was done mainly as an activity for my grandsons. We put a playground area, a large playpen, and a large wooden toy chest in the Nursery. We hung many wicker baskets from the ceiling joists. We even had two hanging baskets in the Nursery that were fed with a hose to move them freely. This worked very well for storing toys, blankets, or linens.

One of the main problems we had with the Nursery was having the toys in the correct place. This became impossible when we had to empty the storage unit to move the toys from the upper section to the lower section. This added a step to our moving process, but one we found was very helpful. Since there were only two wicker storage baskets, each had a small access hole in the front.

With the help of a friend, we purchased some “stuff and tear” which works like an organizing organizer, but instead of being composed of different materials, it is composed of strips of paper. You can cut the “tear” strips, and then discard the pieces. This will allow you to easily find the specific toys you need, or at least it helped us. Using the “stuff and tear” also allowed us to be able to clean up the mess easily by simply discarding the torn areas. By using a combination of the “stuff and tear” and the wall hanging and pocket hole screws, our toy organizing process was much easier than before. Now, our sons can easily sit at the “playing car” and chase their favorite toys with no issues!

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