How to Sow a Bare Root Hedge

Ray and Andrei do bed walks at least every week to check all the plants for pests and diseases as part of our farm biosecurity measures. Ray has over 35 years’ experience of plant pest and disease management. We send our plants via courier or with our own vans. They will reach you in excellent condition and fresh from the field.

Thank you to everyone at Ashridge Nurseries for your prompt and efficient service from taking the order to delivery. I will not hesitate to either purchase from you again or recommend you to friends. The rose tree arrived at the right place at the right time and in very good order.

Good afternoon to you, thank you for your perseverance with my order, a very healthy looking tree has arrived today and has now been installed in the garden. I have to say your customer care and follow up has been outstanding and I would not hesitate to order from you and recommend you to other people. All arrived safe and look really good strong and healthy – they came this morning and all are planted now.

You delivered our well packed trees early Friday morning as promised and in between the showers we were able to get them planted. Thank you for the excellent quality of the trees. They arrived at 12 pm and were planted and watered in by 3 30pm. The root balls ware so substantial that we had to make the trench wider in places.

Aim to leave 2-3cm of growth from the previous year. • Reduce those new shoots by 50% in the autumn/winter following planting. Hoe down weeds and grass for about 75cm on either side of your hedge; hand-pull weeds that grow out from under mulch fabric right next to your plants. Take a plant from the bucket, sweep the roots into the hole from one side without squashing them.

I do hope to buy more from you soon and would thoroughly recommend your service. Thank you for my sweet peas, they are in excellent condition, The plants are well presented, carefully wrapped to protect the tender stems and I would highly recommend you. My beech trees are also appearing to do quite well. A little early to see if they have survived the winter but certainly looking good at the moment. Have just received the 13 wallflowers, Winter Orchid and would like to thank you for such superb plants. They were all in very good condition and beautifully packed and delivered.

Just to say that the Christmas tree I bought from you for this Christmas is the best tree I have ever bought. I will definitely get my tree form you again next year. Can we just say a big thank you for your fabulous service and the quality of the produce? We are in our fiftieth year of marriage and I don’t often write reviews but I wanted to take the time to tell you that our beautiful Christmas tree was the best we have ever had. Thank you so much, my order has arrived – already.

Best4hedging have a good choice of both popular deciduous and evergreen Bare root hedging plants. Evergreen bare roots are less common than deciduous bare root plants but are a fantastic option as they are a fraction of the cost of the equivalent pot grown plants, but nearly as bushy. Our trees arrived safely yesterday, for which many thanks. We are most impressed with the quality of your customer service and will recommend you to others without hesitation. I recently ordered 24 Hidcote lavender plants which have arrived. I am very pleased with the plants and have planted them in my garden to form a small hedge and looking forward to seeing them in bloom and encouraging bees and butterflies to visit.

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