A Guide to Open Source Monitoring Tools

As a result, in 2017, the company had to lay off 40% of its staff to save costs. They also received emergency investment and Alex was finally replaced. By May 2014, SoundCloud was one of the most-loved startups in Berlin. Twitter planned to acquire the platform after its attempt to launch a music platform failed at the same time.

You’ll notice the list includes tools used for more than just metric collection and analysis. There are plenty of definitions of the term “monitoring” but I’m purposely using a more inclusive interpretation to include logging, alerting and tracing tools. Monitoring involves many different steps — data collection, data processing, data analysis — to name just a few.

At SoundCloud, we have standard tooling for building datasets from snapshots of MySQL databases. This greatly simplifies the creation of new datasets, and as a side effect, it promotes a consistent and common shape of datasets. The topic of datasets is not new, and they have been successfully transforming SoundCloud metrics for analytics purposes for a long time.

However, unlike Othello, our managers have a solution at hand – measuring productivity by defined outcomes instead of face-time or inputs. If an artist buys SoundCloud’s Pro Unlimited subscription, they get to master three free tracks per month – along with the option to pay $3.99 for every additional track. 3) Having faced many ups and downs during its entire journey, the platform evolved a lot for survival. It is still winning because of its artist-centered approach among major competitors like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and many others. Even though there have been rumors of Spotify and Google being interested in purchasing SoundCloud, the founders of the business are confident and openly assert that SoundCloud should remain independent. Benefit from the scale, manageability, and security of the Dynatrace platform for large ecosystems.

With this change comes new challenges, and the necessity of defining outcomes to measure productivity has never been more apparent. And here, we’ll dive into this crucial topic, drawing from my recent insightful interview with Jim Bartolomea, SVP, Global Head of People, at ClickUp. Get the weekly updates on the newest brand stories, business models and technology right in your inbox. SoundCloud also provides mastering services to artists and charges $4.99 per track. It allows artists to sound more professional by helping them make their tracks ready for release.

This data is analyzed together to view the dependencies and relationships within a distributed system. It’s hard to overestimate the contribution of open source monitoring tools to software development. As articulated in the intro to this list, open source is both a key driver and an enabler of modern development methodologies and DevOps specifically that require speed, flexibility and extensibility.

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